Alexis Sanchez- Mercenary or dream come through?

The transfer of Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United has come under huge criticism from all walks of the sporting world. From Arsenal fans, to fans of football alike, many major pundits and personalities in the game have criticized Sanchez for leaving Arsenal for United. But why? 


Sanchez has joined the world’s biggest club.


Biggest, not best. Manchester United are the richest club in the world and arguably the most well known. United sit second in the league and boast Champions League football, Arsenal sit 6th with no Champions League football. Many top pundits, such as Ex-Arsenal legend Martin Keown, felt that Sanchez would have chose the blue half  of Manchester over the red half. Keown is just one of the pundits who have branded the Chilean a, “mercenary”. Keown stated,

“It looked like Alexis Sanchez would go to Man City after he decided he was leaving Arsenal,” he said.

“I felt he was going for the money and he was a bit of a mercenary.”

Sanchez would have been hailed had he joined City


If Sanchez had of signed on the dotted line for the blue side of Manchester, the Ex-Barca man would have been hailed. The media would have hailed him for his desire to win trophies, despite being paid a near equal wage at City. Both clubs were willing to pay extortionate amounts of wages to acquire the signature of the slick winger, so why is he a mercenary for picking red over blue? United have a long illustrious history of winning silverware consistently. For instance the season before this, United won 3 trophies, City won none, and who’s to say United won’t win anything this season?

Alexis supported United as a young boy.


As with many young people growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, United were the club. The arrival of Sir Alex Ferguson came hand in hand with the arrival of success. Premier League after Premier League. FA Cup after FA Cup. Trophies galore in what was then seen as the world’s hardest and best league. Friend of Sanchez, Barbosa Astorga, spoke of the wingers dream club to play for as a boy.

“We often closed our eyes and thought about when he was going to become famous and where he would end up with his talent,” friend Barbara Astorga remembers.

“Manchester United was one of the teams that he dreamt about.”

The dream is about to become a reality.

A dream come through.

I strongly believe it’s the latter, and his social media activity seems to suggest the same. Sanchez has left a big club, for a bigger club who wins more trophies. In the old days this was seen as desire and just because there is more money involved in the game doesn’t mean desire disappears completely. A huge wage packet, highly extortionate and completely unreasonable. But it’s going to a top player, joining a top club, with both player and club sharing the same desire. Success.



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