Jon Jones may not be banned by USADA.

The Jon Jones situation does not seem to be dying down, and USADA have added more fuel to the fire by suggesting he may escape a ban. Jones tested positive for metabolites of the anabolic steroid Turnibol on July 29th. This was after he knocked out Daniel Cormier to regain his light-heavyweight world title. A USADA spokesperson has come out and stated that Jones may escape a ban for his charges.


Jeff Novitzky, The CEO of the grim reaper stalking the UFC at the moment, USADA, is the man making all the noises about Jones. Novitzky has said that Jones steroid use could have come from “non-purposeful ingestion”. IF this is proven to be true, he will escape suspension. Jones has in the past made his point clear that he did not intentionally take Steroids.

Jones has previous dealings with USADA. As many will already know, he was banned at UFC 200 for steroid use. His bout with Daniel Cormier was cancelled and Cormier beat Anderson Silva to regain his title. Jones wept live at a press conference following his ban. He received a year ban for the UFC 200 fiasco, and because of his previous offences he may receive a 4 year ban this time around. UFC president Dana White has stated this may be “the end of Jon’s career”. Let’s have a look at a timeline of Jon Jones’s mishaps while in the UFC.

Dec 12th: 2008

Jones loses control of a car which had his fiancée Jessie Moses in it. His car flies into two parked cars with occupants in it.

Jan 18th: 2009

He crashes into a car again. His fiancée is in the car along with his newborn daughter Leah. No injuries were recorded. His second crash in a month.

November. 24th: 2011

Jones is stopped by a cop for drifting. He was driving a black 2011 Bentley. Charged for driving with a suspended license and loss of traction.

Sept. 23rd :2014

Jones hits Daniel Cormier at a press conference in the lead up to their first bout. Bones was fined 50,000 for his role in the brawl. This was the start of his downhill spiral.


 Jan. 17th 2015

Jon Jones is fined 25,000 when traces of cocaine are found in his system.

April. 27th 2015

Involved in a hit and run with a pregnant lady. Turns himself in before police could find him. Police find marijuana and a pipe in his car. Jones receives 18 month probation from authorities. He was stripped of the title by the promotion and suspended indefinitely.


July. 6th 2016

Jones is pulled for a suspected anti-doping violation. His bout with Cormier is cancelled and he is stripped of the lightweight title. He and his team go against the ruling from USADA and fail. Jones is banned from competition for one year by both USADA and the NSAC.

Interim UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Press Conference

July. 29th 2017

Jones knocks out Daniel Cormier and becomes the new light-heavyweight champion,  breaks down in the octagon prior to his win.


Present day

Jon Jones has been pulled for an anti-doping violation. He has contested the decision but his B sample also came back positive. He faces a 4 year ban unless he can prove he is innocent. His win against Cormier has been overturned as a no-contest. Cormier has regained the title.

Does Jones deserve a second chance?

In my opinion no. He has let the UFC fans down so much as this point that he can’t be trusted back in the promotion. To be caught for steroids twice, TWICE, and both times to use the excuse of “I didn’t do it intentionally” has something fishy about it. These are steroids we’re talking, not jelly tots. How can a man who has been caught once for “accidentally taking steroids”, get caught again for the exact same thing? Chael Sonnen believes Jones took the steroids intentionally. Citing Jones as a “sociopath”. Skip to 3:30 in this video to hear Chael’s opinion on Jones.

Jones will go down as the fighter who “could” have been the greatest of all time. His misdemeanors and failings in life have hindered his reputation. Every achievement he has ever recorded in the UFC will now be questioned. Has Jones always been on steroids like Daniel Cormier said?

Jones was notoriously lack-luster in his fight against Ovince Saint Preux. Jones has never looked worse than in that fight which he won by decision. Cormier believes this is the only fight Jones has ever fought without steroids.

Three of Jones most famous wins, Cormier X2 and Alexander Gustafsson will now be always under question. Was he clean or was he dirty? How many drugs has he taken that have went under the radar? How far back does his steroid usage go? Jones was seen as the man to overtake GSP and Anderson Silva as the greatest ever, but after this fiasco the only man who can be truly branded as the best ever is Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson. Johnson broke the record for most title defences of all time with arguably the greatest submission finish of all time in any walk of MMA.

What’s next for Jones

If, and it’s a big if, Jones is cleared for his charges by USADA, he will fight Brock Lesnar. Neither Dana White nor the UFC has declared whether if Jones is cleared he will be reinstated as champion. In fact Dana White claimed Jones career may be over in a press conference held after UFC 214.

And that may be the case if Jones is banned. 4 years is likely to be the sentence he will receive. Jones will be 34 by this point and probably past his prime. The light-heavyweight division as well as the UFC will have moved on by that point. Daniel Cormier may even be retired when Jones suspension is up. A year is a long time to be out in the sport, let alone 4. GSP will show everyone what a 4 year absence does when he fights Bisping next month, and at 36 GSP is a sign that Jones may well return to the sport at 34 in 4 years. But he will be way past his prime. In a career of could have would have and should haves, the supposed pound for pound number one has single-handedly tainted his own legacy.  The career of Jon Jones will now be remembered for wrecklessness, doping and bad choices. Once the most powerful man in MMA, Jones may now be the most loathed. Cheating is highly frowned upon in the sport. And Mr Bones Jones will have a lot of explaining to do if he is to be banned for 4 years.


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