LOGIC-“Take it Back”- Review

Logic’s Take it Back is the perfect example of a rapper using his position to spread a message. And simply put, that message is equality.

Logic, a rapper long before his mainstream breakthrough which came this year, has a long history of using his songs to send a message. He talks about being biracial in many of his songs, but “Take it back” is one of the most potent. This song really showcases Logic’s  rap expertise. The skills shown in are at least on par with Kendrick Lamar. The lyrics aren’t the same rehashed monotonous drivel we typically hear from other rappers. Instead of rapping about,”popping Molly”, he addresses topical cultural problems that divide our world. While also displaying some devilish flow. 

Logic has said that “Take it back”, is largely about his life experiences, and how they’ve shaped him into the person he is today.

Logic, who is by all estimations a white male, drops the n word in the song, further  rubberstamping his biracial stance. He also highlights his roots in both the black and white race as a whole, stating,”Masta deep down inside of me,the plantation deep down inside of me”.Masta being a reference to white enslaving of blacks.

The song itself is about white men overtaking land from black, and about black men being “painted with a gun in their hands”. The rapper clearly addressing the stereotype of thieves and murderers.

Logic also speaks of a break in the war between the two races. Stating “All this prejudice has got to go”. And now that we’ve made strides towards doing so, let’s not take a back step. “Life is moving fast no need to slow down”. Logic recently performed his song 1-800-273-8255 at the VMAs. Spreading a message about mental health and equality in a powerful performance. “Take it back” is just another in a long list of meaningful songs in the rapper’s arsenal. In the age of mumble rap, Logic is a sign that all rap isn’t dead.

“And yes, I got to gift to gab fo sho
Will I have to get the gat? No, no
Yes, I got to gift to gab fo sho
But will have to get the gat, get the gat, get the, get the gat?”

Logic has said previously on Genius that his reference to gift of gab means the power his words have. Logic is going to use his words to make a difference to the world, he doesn’t need his “gat” to make a difference. Also, in the speech at the end of the song which has no rap in it, just words, Logic states,” you can be superior, just stop killing each other”. Logic aims this at both the white and black race. Think you’re superior all you want, but don’t take a white or a black man’s life because of it.

Logic addresses the problems in modern society beautifully in this song. Not only do the lyrics paint a strong message,the visuals on screen do an equally good job. Chaos and tandem between the two races are visible as Logic walks through the masses, blood on his face and pain in his eyes. A rapper eager for change using his fame as a method to try make the world a better place.


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