It was the spectacle we all wanted to see. MMA VS BOXING. Southpaw VS Orthodox. Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor.

With the mega-fight on its way to cracking the PPV record of all time, did it live up to its billing. Let’s take a look at the opinion on Twitter firstly.

The MMA folk certainly took a shine to McGregor’s performance against Floyd. Many MMA fighters, including some of McGregor’s old foes took to Twitter to congratulate the two weight world champion on his performance.

Two former opponents showed their utmost respect to McGregor, but some showed their complete disrespect towards the Crumlin native.


Aldo was branded “immature” and “fragile” after this on Twitter. His comments section was amass with fans slating the first ever featherweight champion of the UFC.

Moving furthermore on from the fans reaction, I’d like to give my own.

My reaction to #MACMAY

McGregor controlled the early rounds. There is much evidence that Floyd allowed that to happen, but nevertheless Conor McGregor controlled the early rounds. I had the fight 2-1 going into Round 4. McGregor caught Mayweather with an uppercut in Round 1 that, if landed flush, would have shocked the world. IN MY OPINION. This is the uppercut I am referring to.

It doesn’t land flush, more so on the neck. But after Round 4 Mayweather took control. The punches McGregor was landing early on weren’t there anymore. Floyd was more aggressive and composed. McGregor was groggy tired and panicked. The experience of Floyd took over, and for the next few rounds controlled the pace of the bout. McGregor came back with a late flurry, winning round 8. But Mayweather finished the fight in the two rounds following 8. Robert Bryd stopped the fight in the tenth, leaving the world with no doubt but to finally respect Mayweather. Rocky Marciano’s record beaten. McGregor beaten. 300 million made.

McGregor was full of praise for the boxing legend in the post-fight interview. McGregor said of Floyd.

I made you box like a Mexican.

Indeed he did. Mayweather won the spectacle. But McGregor won the respect of millions.


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