McGregor VS Maywhether


Floyd Money Maywhether of boxing VS The Notorious Conor McGregor of MMA. Let’s get ready for fire works aye?

There can only be one winner when it comes to this fight in my opinion. As much as a love McGregor, and I mean come on, how can you hate on this?

But when we talk about the man in a boxing bout, he can just be no match for Floyd Maywhether. 


Let’s take a look at the stats for a second

Total Fights: 49

Total Wins: 49

Wins By KO: 26

An unreal record, but something on that list may give McGregor a chance. Floyd has only knocked out 26 of his opponents, which may seem like a lot, but compared to McGregors ratio they’re baby numbers. Floyd’s last knockout was a cheap shot against Victor Ortiz back in 2011.

Maywhether will not knock McGregor out, McGregor can knock Floyd out, that is the only advantage McGregor will have going into this bout. He is inferior in every other aspect.


Many top boxing analysts keep eluding to the fact that,” boxers hit harder then MMA fighters” as if it’s some sort of home truth. If one man hits harder then another man then that’s that, regardless of which side of the fighting hemisphere they are on.


The fight is set to be the biggest of all time, with both men clearing over 100 million. I predict Floyd to win by decision, BUT, beware of that McGregor left hand.




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