Day 4 Of Mapping The State- Local Government

This is 4th part of my mapping the state series. To read day 1 click here. Today I will look at the local government. How you get elected and its funding.


Local elections for local government are held in Ireland every 5 months. Either in May or June. During these elections members of the local government elect Councillors to represent the community in local authorities. The number of Councillors differs from area to area. There is no set number of Councillors.  There is set day for nominating Councillors to the local government. This takes place 4 weeks before the election.


You can vote even if you are not an Irish Citizen.

You have to be 18 years old and have to live in the local area.

You must be on the Register of Elections.

If you vote in a county election you can not vote in a city election.

Partisan Party Politics.


In politics, a partisan is a committed member of a political party. A Partisan Party are an alliance of like minded people that work as a united to win elections and control the government. Partisan leaders at local level are less influenced on what to vote for then at other levels.

Strengths and Weaknesses.



  • It is likely to be more efficient to run services locally then from the centre. Local Governments can bring together the private sector, voluntary organisations and other public bodies to make sure that things happen.
  • They are a lot closer to the public and can be seen as a voice for the government if the public were unhappy with anything..
  • It allows people from political parties to gain experience at a lower level before making the jump between local and nationwide.



  • Difficult to recruit at local level, most TD’S are interested in getting straight into government as opposed to going into local government.
  • Funding is a huge factor. Poorer areas need more money and that has always been a controversial topic. Some areas don’t agree with another area getting more money then them.






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