Day 3- Quangos

I am researching the whole political system of Ireland. All the ins and outs., From TD to Taoiseach I am researching how this country ticks and the people behind it as well. This is part 3.

On day 1 I looked at Mapping the Irish State, how it looks and how it’s ran. To learn more on this click here.

On Day 2 I researched The Judiciary system and the Oireachtas, to hear more on this click here.,

On Day 3, which is today, I am going to look at Quangos. Quangos are a semi administrative body outside of the civil service but still receiving funding from the Government.The government also makes senior appointments to it.

Quango is an abbreviation for quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation. Effectively it is an organisation that is funded by taxpayers but not controller by the central government.

In an article on the in August 2012 they claimed there was 732 Quangos in Ireland. This number had to be researched by the writer himself as the government do not offer a list.

Dublin City Council

The Dublin City Council is a quango in the Dublin area. They are affectively local government. They deal with all the rubbish in the area most local affairs and are also the ones who ruin your bonfires on Halloween night.


FAS stands for Foras Áiseanna Saothair. In English this is construed as the Training and Employment authority. This Quango is ran by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. It was once called the 20M a week Quango, obviously because it cost 20M to fund.


Radio Telifis Eireann, probably the largest Quango out of them all. Radio Teleifis Eireann is a semi-state company and the largest national broadcaster in Ireland. It produces shows on all platforms. Television, radio, internet.



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