Social Media, All the facts we need to know.

The internet has 3.7 billion users. The population of the world is 7 Billion.

There are 2.3 billion users of Social Media.


4Chan: 11 million users

Airbnb: 50 million users

Facebook: 1.71 billion users

Flickr: 112 million users

Google+: 300 million users

Instagram: 400 million users

LinkedIn: 450 million users

MySpace: 50.6 million users

Periscope: 10 million users

Pinterest: 100 million users

Reddit: 36 million accounts

Snapchat: 100 million users

Twitter: 320 million users

Wechat: 1.12 billion users

Weibo: 600 million users

WhatsApp: 900 million users

Youtube: Over 1 billion users

In terms of social media Facebook is by far and away the most used, with 1.71 Billion users on the platform. We will be focusing on three main platforms in our assignment. These are Facebook, Instragram and Tinder. I will touch on Tinder and it’s users later.





Dating and social media.

This in short in what we plan to focus on. It’s all well and good stating how many users are on social media and how many people take pictures of Pizza and what not, but how is it affecting our lives? Is social media affecting us in a negative sense? If so how.

We believe that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram have changed dating and relationships forever. think about it, if you have a fight with your girlfriend there are hundreds of millions of others at the touch of your fingertips. That was never a problem for previous couples of generations past. Instagram likes create uncertainty in Relationships. Speaking from experience, a man liking my girlfriends picture makes me insecure and susceptible to a panic attack. Relationships have changed. Mental health issues are at a hire rate then ever before. Depression alone affects 450,000 people in Ireland,( that’s one in ten). The big one is anxiety. facebook and instagram create unrealistic real world values. Just scroll down your newsfeed and it will make you feel bad. You’ll see countless pictures of peoople who look like they posess the perfect life. Couples who look likle they posess the perfect relationship. But they don’t. They only show you what they want to see. They showcase their best side because they are afraid of their worst. Just like you.


Dating Apps.


    • 84% of its singles say they use tools like Yelp to review potential date venues. [5]
  • United States
    • In order Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, West Virginia, Connecticut, Minnesota, and New Jersey came out on top as the safest states for online dating. [6]
  • India
    • New regulations will require dating websites to keep IP address records, and require users to upload documents proving their identity. [2]
  • Dating, Relationships & Marriage
    • In a study of first dates by Coffee Meets Bagel it was found: [1]
      • 37% of couples chatted for a week before going on that first date.
      • Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular days for first dates.
      • 33% of couples went out to dinner for their first date rather than going out for drinks or coffee.
      • 80% of men paid for the first date, while 20% split the check.
      • 73% of first dates cost less than $50.
      • 45% of singles kiss on the first date.
      • 77% of couples planned their second date during the first date.
    • We tend to view our own traits favorably, so we also look positively on those same traits in others. This applies to both personality traits and physical characteristics. [3]
    • A study found humans are likely to pick partners with similar DNA. This “assortative mating” strategy helps ensure our genetics are successfully passed on to future generations. [3]
    • Online daters tend to select partners who have completed the same level of formal education. [4]
    • Older educated online daters care less about how educated their matches are. [4]
    • In the 2017 Singles In America study it was found: [7]
      • 15% of singles say they feel addicted to the process of looking for a date on a dating service. Millennials are 125% more likely to feel addicted than older generations.
      • 33% of Millenial singles have had sex before a first date
      • 22% of Millennials say they think technology has made finding love more difficult and 57% say they’re lonely.
      • Millennials are 30% more likely than other generations to have a first date that leads to a second date.
    • In the 2017 Singles In America study it was further found: [8]
      • Millennials are 125% more likely to say they feel addicted to dating than older generations.
      • 75% of singles said they are turned off if their dates answer their phones while they are together.
      • 66% of singles said they don’t like when their dates texts while they are together.
      • 55% of singles say technology has made dating harder.
      • Millennials are 75% more likely than Boomers to have dated someone online, and 57% more likely than those of other generations to have created a profile on a dating app.
    • A recent study found online daters are less willing to hold out for the “perfect” person and more interested in finding someone who might have potential. [9]
    • Regarding Tech and love, in the 2017 Singles In America study it was found: [10]
      • 29% of singles said that actual phone calls are big turn-ons
      • 26% of singles think it’s a turn-on if you’re not on social media at all
      • Millennials are 270% more likely to think it’s hot if you’re binge-watching the same TV shows
      • The biggest tech turn-offs are constant social media activity (50%) and complaining openly on Facebook (58%)



Tinder is by far and away the most popular dating app in the world. It’s simple “swipe left and right” method is possibly then sole reason for this. Males and females can find a partner simply by swiping right, if said person swipes the other right, the pair become matched. A bit easier then approaching someone in a bar aye? It takes the method out of dating. You don’t get to know the person as much. You can know everything about them before meeting them in person. No facial expressions to match to the words and no knowledge of the actual person sitting behind the screen. This person could have the confidence of Dwayne the Rock Johnson behind a computer screen but when you meet them they’re like the little girl out of Monsters Inc.


Tinder Launched in September of 2012. There is an estimated 50 million users of the dating app, with 10 million daily active users. Tinder has been downloaded over 100 million times.  These stats are per the Tinder Website, click here and also a Tinder stats website, click here. 54% of tinder users are single. 3% are divorced, and shockingly 12% are already in a relationship. The most shocking fact may be that 79% of Tinder Users are millenials.

Matches Made by Tinder: 10 billion

Has Tinder changed the face of dating forever? Is swiping right really as beneficial as meeting in a bar? We plan to find out.
Also we plan to discuss the mental health problems Facebook and Instagram causes in relationships. Anxiety Disorder Statistics. Anxiety Disorders affect 18.1 percent of adults in the United States (approximately 40 million adults between the ages of 18 to 54). – National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). 1 IN 4 people in America suffer from Anxiety.
There are many other studies to supoport the fact that Social media can make you unhappy. Such as the fact spending time on social media is coorealated with depression. Anxiety comes into play when you see your girlfriend liking another mans status. That man liking her status. A provocative picture from your girlfriend. Social media evokes high levels of extreme insecurity, leading to depression and the end of a relationship. Relationships are on record more disposable then ever. It’s hard to see the likes of those 70 year relationships ever happening again due to what social emdia does to relationships. We plan to find out why it affects us and why the world is using it even when they know it affects us,.



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