I’ve been roaming this earth for some time now. Walking hundreds of miles in my life, but ultimately reaching no destination yet. What is the meaning? What is our purpose? How can you know when you’re feeling true happiness and when it’s only half-way there? How do you know if that job opportunity you’ve just gotten is the right route your life should go. Can you . know for sure if that girl is right for you. What if she isn’t? What if you gamble it all and she isn’t? How do you bounce back? How do you find these answers? Can they be answered. No

But, despite the fact they can’t be answered you have to live through all of this. Life is a blackboard and you hold the key to the rubber. You can do what you want on this blackboard, and still be safe in the knowledge that if it goes wrong, you have the eraser. Just don’t fuck up too much, there are some things even an eraser can’t get rid of.

Be afraid to make mistakes, eliminate the fear of failure. Learn from your mistakes and your victories. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Thrive at what you’re best at, fail at what your weak at and learn to get better. Live your life the way you like to to. Lead the life you wish to. Love the life you lead. We’re all on our own journey, failure is inevitable, giving up isn’t.

From experience I have made so many mistakes in my life, some i’m proud of making, some i’m not. But guess what, i’m still here. Some people call me stupid for failing to do the things they ask me to do. I am not stupid, I am just not knowledgeable in that particular field. Once I get the hang of it I will be. Repetition is key. You repeat something enough times how could you not come good at it. Come on. Kick a ball at a wall every day for the rest of your life and tell me you don’t get better. Listen to the same song every day for the rest of your life and tell me you don’t know every word. Repetition is key.

Don’t take my word for it, i’m a sailor just like you. I don’t hold any keys to your success, just my own. Find your key, turn the lock and success. Nobody can do it but you. No excuses. The world is your oyster, swallow it whole and live the way you deserve.


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