I need help.

Wake up at nine feeling fine, drive in towards tesco that’s a crime. Chilling on Moore street walking to the venue, look into anns bakery see what’s on the menu. It’s a carvery, Lovely, five quid in my pocket that’s jubilly. Say to me mate” Pork please, no gravy on my mash keep away the peas” and then I munch it, good grub, Notification on my phones, it’s dyl says, “Pub” I say yeah mate, lovely stuff, I’m finished at 11 I’ll be over yup yup.

Walk into the job, Everybody stares, big dyl is in the house with his pube hairs. Caoimhe on customer service, jaysus christ, put those diddies away you’ll scare off the mice, I walk towards the back door, quite quick, as I’m walking alone Wayne grabs me dick,” can you work tomorrow?” I can not, me and my bird going the carnival i’m fingering all the moths.

It’s about 9 o’clock, floor time, the place is in a state, it’s a fucking crime. Manager is andrew barry, he’ll make me pack chill, and if he does ill make sure to get the round winning kill, I walk up to andy, I say what’sup, wait there a second mate getting a bottle of seven up, I arrive back down , andy looks at me, “alright dyl mate can you pack chill for me” I take a deep breath, Look him in the eye, “andy mate you know i’m not an angry guy, but to pack chill, you must be kidding me, I’d rather be imprisoned in a jail with 5 kids in me”

Andy looks up, and starts to cry, if chill isn’t packed Terry’s gonna stab him in the eye, ” dyla mate, im gonna need chill packed, if not my balls are gone and I can’t scratch me sack. I look andrew up and down, and start crying, at that moment a customer robbed a bar, it was a lion


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