Zombies, YouTube, Podcasts, Football and McGregor. 5 Things That Interest Me.


My world and the things that I like differ from anyone else. 
My hobbies and quirks are completely unique which is something I am proud of. 
 In this article i'm going to outline five of my favourite things.
 Five things that make my life the way it is. 
Five hobbies or things I like to watch do or make that allow me to 
enjoy my life to the full.


The Walking Dead. Wow. I can’t describe in words how The Walking Dead makes me feel. It inspires my imagination. Sitting down on my bed after a long hard day, switching on my slick Lenovo computer, typing in the illegal streaming website of my choice and settling down to watch a blissful experience. Rick from The Walking Dead is something of a spirit animal to me. Watching his on screen action actually gives me a feeling of confidence inside. His can do attitude is refreshing, even if it’s an act. Rick Grimes is a true bad ass and is one of the main reasons The Walking Dead for me is so interesting to watch.


A World I’d Like To Live In.

I don’t know about you but i’d like to live in that world for just a few minutes. A world without social media, stupid 9-5 shifts in work and the powerful fear of a rejection on Tinder. Just a world full of drowsy zombies, willing to be pierced by that spear you have in your right hand. I’d like to give it a try. Live in Rick’s shoes for one day and see what thoughts go through a bad ass like Rick Grimes head on a day to day basis.


2. Favourite Youtube Channel: SPENCERFC


The SpencerFC  Youtube channel is one of the most popular football/Fifa channels on Youtube. The channel has 1.8 million followers and is well renowned for it’s IRL football videos as well as it’s Fifa content.

It has blew up largely in recent months for one reason alone and it is the main reason I respect and love the channel so much. Spencer Owen, the owner of the channel, started a series with his new Sunday League team. The team are named “Hashtag United”. Since the first Hashtag United video, which was published in February of last year, the series and team has blown up. They have been billed as the next big thing after the Premier League and currently have a new academy series to recruit a new player for their team.

maxresdefault (1)

The channel is arguably the best on Youtube in terms of overall content and is one I rely on frequently for great entertainment.


3. Podcasts- The Joe Rogan Show.maxresdefault (2)

Master Joe Rogan, a bald man with a wealth of experience. Joe Rogan’s podcast is one of the most entertaining and informative on the net. Rogan, who is the UFC’S main commentator, discusses a number of topics on his show. From weed to porn. From MMA to WWE. Rogan does it all. His fight companion podcasts are hugely popular. This is where he, Brendan Schuab, Eddie Bravo, Joey Diaz and Brian Callen analyze UFC events live. Usually fight nights that Rogan doesn’t have to commentate on. They are all drunk and stoned which makes for really funny and entertaining viewing. Rogan’s podcast is that entertaining it’s the only one I listen to at all.


4. IRL ACTIVITY- Dreams.-Drifting-Spirit-dreams-or-nightmares-31073348-800-595

Dreams. Many of you will be bored at the mention of the word but some of you will know. Some of you will know the beauty and interest that can come from a good dream. That’s what has been happening to me lately. Over the past few nights i’ve been on the run from ravenous zombies. I’ve been on the run from ravenous people, along with my girlfriend. We’ve been forced to hide under a young man whom i’ve never met in my life’s house. Right under it. The vivid nature of the dream shook me. I could almost smell the manure of the bottom of his house. The dreams i’ve been having have been so good and entertaining that I haven’t wanted to wake up.

Last night in the dream in which I was on the run in I arrived at Route 64. Route 64. I’m lying in my bed in Coolock but suddenly i’m on the run in Route 64. You can’t write stuff like that. A good dream is as enjoyable as a good TV show, if not more enjoyable due to the fact it’s actually you involved in it. In summation of some of my dreams lately, I’ve been married twice, on the run 4 times and have had 6 near death experiences. If only my life was that action packed.

5. Favourite Instagram Account-

Master Conor McGregor2017_03_13_14_10_09_Conor_McGregor_Official_thenotoriousmma_Instagram_photos_and_videos

Conor McGregor’s Instagram account is a beacon of entertainment, genius and positivity. The Irishman posts daily moments in his life to his 11.2 million follower fan base. McGregor’s posts include callouts to other fighters, most namely Floyd Money Maywhether. 2017_03_13_14_16_03_Conor_McGregor_Official_thenotoriousmma_Instagram_photos_and_videos

The constant positivity on the account from McGregor showcasing the fruits of his labour make it a feel good Instagram account to go to if feeling down. The life McGregor leads is something you can work towards. If your feeling unmotivated, go to Conor McGregor’s Instagram page and look at him sitting on the bonnet of a Rolls Royce outside of a private jet. Instant motivation, well for me anyways.2017_03_13_14_19_47_Conor_McGregor_Official_thenotoriousmma_Instagram_photos_and_videos

The McGregor Instagram page is by far and away my favourite Instagram page on the net. Just about in front of those pages filled with pictures of naked ladies.


They are five of the favourite and most entertaining things in my life at the minute. Things that make me happy and overall help me be me. I hope the introduction of some of these things to your life interest you!

Thanks for reading!




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