Zombies, Youtube, Football, Podcasts and McGregor- Five Things That Interest Me.

Welcome to the Truth

My world and the things that I like differ from anyone else. 
My hobbies and quirks are completely unique which is something I am proud of. 
 In this article i'm going to outline five of my favourite things.
 Five things that make my life the way it is. 
Five hobbies or things I like to watch do or make that allow me to 
enjoy my life to the full.


The Walking Dead. Wow. I can’t describe in words how The Walking Deadmakes me feel. It inspires my imagination. Sitting down on my bed after a long hard day, switching on my slick Lenovo computer, typing in the illegal streaming website of my choice and settling down to watch a blissful experience. Rick from The Walking Deadis something of a spirit animal to me. Watching his on screen action actually gives me a feeling of…

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