Will Rick Die?

God, I hope not. Do you ever get when there’s just that one character in a series that in your eyes keeps it ticking. Keeps it going. That’s Rick Grimes. That’s what he does to the series. He brings it to that next level.

Of course there’s many other characters in the show that I love. Daryl, Rosita (Oh Rosita) and suprisingly I have come to like Tera. But they’re not Rick. They will never be Rick and they don’t hold the same pulling power that Rick does.

Remember that beard, remember Rick grew that beard after Lori died and went absolutely insane. Remember the scene where he beats Jessie’s husband near to death. When he turns to the onlookers, blood scattered on his face, and says in an absolutely shocked manner, “me, you mean me?”. That’s television hall of fame.

I can’t imagine Rick dying. I can’t imagine the show even managing to go on without him. He is somewhat of an inspiration. If he is to die I can see him turning. I can’t see it being at the hands of Negan. The walkers have somewhat lost their power in recent seasons but I can see him being bit maybe in the final episode of this series, IF HE IS TO DIE. Which currently I cannot fathom. I am still recovering from Glenns death.

If we had not been promised season 8, which falls in October 2017, I would have definitely speculated that our fan favourite would be dead. But what I have enjoyed about the last few episodes is the rejuvenation of his leadership. His can do attitude. The beard. It’s all coming back just in time for the war. Rick Grimes and Negan is leading up to be the battle of modern television history and I am just greatful to be alive when it is going on.

Yours Truly,

A walking dead fanatic.


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