Short Stories.

The world was full of freedom and beauty. The medittereanean sun split the clouds in two, allowing the rays to pour gleefully down and kiss the bodies of the willing tourists below. The wind had gone south for the summer, leaving behind a mild breeze that made the heat of the sun just bearable.

It was my fifth holiday with my wife. This one was our most special you could argue for  the fact it was our honeymoon. The kids had been left behind, not willingly on their part but a break was what we needed and craved.

We were lounged on the balcony. Sun burnt to bits but not a care in the world.  A cocktail perched at each of our feet. Every now again i’d brush off it and feel the cold glass against me. It was our quietest day in Houma so far.

“Can you hear that shouting?”, My wife Melissa whispered. Too lazy to lift her head up off the hammock she was sat in. Her lazy head didn’t even look up to find the source. I jumped off from my seat with aplomb, peeked my head over the balcony and looked down below for any signs of distress. None. I fell back into the seat. The warmth of the material burned my back momentarily until it became accustomed. “It’s nothing, probably just some kids playing beach ball”, I reassured.  The screams didn’t stop. In fact they became louder and more fearful. This time Melissa jumped up. “What’s going on John?”, she shrieked. I didn’t know. How could I? There was no sign of any danger down below. I peaked my head over below once more time and saw nothing. I was just about to run downstairs when the phone rang. BEEEP. BEEEP. BEEEP. “Hello? Who’s there”? I whispered.  A fear in my voice. “John. John. Oh thank god thank god. Listen John, there’s been an outbreak of a disease in your area in Houma. You need to move. You have to move John, they’re everywhere. It’s all over the news John. RUN”. I turned to Melissa, ” baby we gotta-“ My words were cut short by a loud thud on the door. BANG. BANG. BANG. Melissa’s breaths got deeper. Mine got louder. The thuds got faster. The sound of breathing got heavier outside the door. BANG. BANG. BANG. More thuds from more rooms. More then one person. ” Hello? Is anyone there.” I shouted. ROARRRRRRR. The noise from outside wasn’t human. It wasn’t alone. The thuds got heavier. The collective breaths got louder. The door fell to the ground. ROARRRRRRR. 4 humans infected by some disease came thudding in. “Melissa jump”, I motioned towards the balcony.“COME ON” I roared. She turned to run, but she was grabbed by one of the infected. “Melissa” I roared. He began to munch on her face. Blood flooded the floor below. The shrieks from Melissa became louder with each bite. “I love you John, I love you”, they were her last words. After that she took her last breath. ” I love you too darling” I whispered. The 4 infected turned to me. I turned to the balcony. Leaped over and dived into the bushes below. TO BE CONTINUED.



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