Mcgregor Vs Maywhether

Let’s talk about it. We kind of have to don’t we? The notorious Mr Mcgregor against the elusive Money Maywhether.  Will it happen and if so what would transpire? The only way we’ll ever know is if they agree the deal and step foot inside that ring, we could be aways from that but it won’t hurt to talk about the fight.

What will happen?

I believe Mcgregor could knock Floyd out. I definitely believe he could theoretically, people are saying he couldn’t but if he can drop Nate Diaz to the floor he can sure as hell knock Floyd out. Do I believe he will? No. Not if it’s with boxing gloves. It will be too much of an adjustment. If this fight is fought with mma gloves Mcgregor knocks Floyd out. I’m calling it. Floyd’s hands have been broken many times over the years he needs the big gloves to protect him.

Why should it happen?

Why the hell not? Who doesn’t wanna see that. Cross sports. Chaos. The press conferences would probably be better then fight. People forget about Mcgregors mental warfare. The fight may be over before they even step in the ring. Maywhether could get worked up. He’s been in the game a long time but has there even been a man like Mcgregor near him. Can he handle the abuse. Jose Aldo couldn’t.  The same things were said when McGregor fought Aldo. But Aldo was dusted in 13 seconds, could Maywhether face the same fate

We will all have to wait and see, but it’s poised to be great. I predict Maywhether to win. By decision. But I don’t believe it will be the walk over everyone believes, and if McGregor catches him on the dome with that left hand, that’s all she wrote.


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