The World is in turmoil

The world is in bits it’s what I am saying, Social Media is the reason the world is decaying. The world is in bits it is what we see along with those egotistical idiots on TV. Social Media rules but why’s that the case why do we get satisfaction from a double tap on our face. Instagram likes seem to make us happy more so it seems then changing a nappy. Posting our lives to others seems to be a need not making money for the family we have to feed. Tweeting our lives to people who don’t care and not getting a reaction and pulling our hair.

Whatever happened to knocking for a pal? Whatever happened to staying out till 12 at night covered in muck and craving for more. That’s been traded for cut the rope and Facebook basketball, today’s youth has gone down the shore. Our lives are a documentary. No secrets we keep.Feeling bad scrolling through pictures of that man in his jeep

Why can’t we wake up? Just look at what’s wrong? Neglecting your partner when your phone is knocked on. We all call it social but it’s anything but. Ignoring a friend when your sat on a bus. We all need to wake up and take a look around, living our lives on phones is not at all sound. My message is here but I doubt it gets through, the only one capable of changing this tragedy is, you.


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