Is Masturbation Healthy?

An age old question. Something that all of us men will admit to doing at least once in our lives, but is the thing that makes us feel best in life actually healthy for us?

There are arguments for an against of course as there is in any topic. I will not touch on the religious area of the argument instead solely on the scientific.

When I was in primary school as a young man I was told by a sex ed teacher that masturbation was extremely healthy and something that we should do almost every day. And for years and years I believed that. I took it for the bible. I masturbated once, twice up to 5 times a day on a good day, with the firm belief what I was doing was helping my body. But now aged 18 I look back with uncertainty as to what harm I was doing to my body.

According to the Irish Times 1 in 4 men in Ireland masturbate, the old joke is the other 3 are lying. But is solo sex harming these men, is solo sex creating a problem in the lives of these men?

There are many rumors about the problems Masturbation causes in men, erectile dysfunction, mental illness, lower libido, addiction , lower energy and effect on your actual sex life. From personal experience I would agree with many of these, most definitely the sex life rumor. I feel masturbation with porn leads to a bad sex life due to unrealistic expectations. I’ve not known masturbation without porn long enough to know whether the effect is the same without porn.

In terms of the other rumored side effects I would agree with them all, I feel solo sex done in excess does have some side effects and I feel they are mad worse with the addition of Pornography. The internet has lulled us into a false sense of security that solo sex in excess is fine as long as it doesn’t affect our lives. Stop masturbating for a month and then come back to this blog and tell me how you feel.


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